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We Provide Omni-Channel Retail Technology Solutions

PCMS provides end-to-end solutions that help you to serve your customers better.

Helping Retailers to Trade Efficiently

PCMS can manage and support your entire omni-channel operation.

24 X 365 Retail IT Services

We can support global omni-channel operations around-the-clock.

PCMS Supports the Infrastructure of International Retailers

We help you to maintain excellent customer experience by monitoring your services to ensure maximum trading availability.

Enabling Unified Commerce

Our solutions combined with our Managed IT Services expertise helps empower your consumers and facilitate a better shopping journey. PCMS has over 30 years’ experience in serving the needs of retailers across the world.

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Commerce Solutions

Our Commerce Suite combines point of service, omni-channel and enterprise solutions, to provide a comprehensive retail offering.

Service Desk

Available 24 X 365, our agile and responsive Service Desk adapts to the needs of consumers while enforcing your brand values.

IT Services

Extensive understanding and experience of retail IT outsourcing, enables PCMS to manage and support your entire omni-channel operation.

Contact Centre

A scalable Contact Centre that offers business processing outsourcing solutions, supporting the evolving demands of consumers.

PCMS Service Desk – maybe it’s time to consider change

Cost-effective, agile and scalable retail Service Desk support for your IT infrastructure. Trusted by retailers around the world.

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Mike Thomason, Vice President of Information Technology, Half Price Books:

“We felt strongly that PCMS had the best POS software to meet our needs. We were also impressed with the partnership approach that PCMS has with their clients. They have been highly responsive.”

Jeff Scobie, Vice-President Information Systems, Giant Tiger Stores Limited:

“PCMS and VISION BeanStore offer substantial value through a reduced cost of store system ownership as we move to a single-server solution and link our stores centrally, removing the investment in individual stores servers while providing more operational efficiency and higher levels of customer satisfaction.”

Paul Hayes, Head of IT Delivery, John Lewis:

“It was therefore imperative that we operated an EPOS system that will support full integration across each existing sales channel. PCMS’ VISION BeanStore has proven to be the ideal solution, providing us with the ability to more easily integrate systems in the future”

Gary Marshall, Director of Operations at Lakeland, said:

“We selected PCMS’ BeanStore PoS solution to help us meet the diverse and evolving nature of our business. The innovative omni-channel PoS supports our strategy of providing a better shopping journey for our consumers and allows for a true mobile strategy going forward.”

James Denoon Duncan, managing director at MAP:

“PCMS has become a trusted partner, understanding our business and evolving support as we’ve grown to provide us with expertise and insight into where we should go next. As a result, we’ve been able to evolve our IT alongside technology development, integrating our industry-specific applications and supporting more mobile working solutions.”

Dave DiPersio, Finance & IT Vice President, NSLC:

“We’re delighted with the results of our partnership with PCMS. The teams’ professional manner and retail expertise were invaluable to the project. We are confident we now have a sustainable infrastructure to support the business going forward”

Chris Edwards, co-founder and managing director, Poundworld:

“In PCMS, we have found a partner with passion and innate understanding of retail, which is demonstrated through its people and Tier 1 customer base. We’re very excited about evolving our IT offer and seeing the benefits in terms of customer experience and estate management.”

Clair Edvartsen, Head of Supply Chain and Customer Service at Renshaw said:

“The regular scheduled calls mean our customers aren’t caught off-guard with an unexpected cold call. It has really helped to create a truly personal relationship with our customers. As a great added benefit, the PCMS team loves baking too, which means they understand our customers and they know what issues bakers face and how to help resolve them.”

Charles Webb from Waitrose, said:

“We’re delighted to be implementing the PCMS’ OnDemand platform. This will allow us the operational agility to deploy new applications when and where we want in the future. With different store concepts, such as Grazing and Juice Bars, we want the flexibility to operate mobile payment devices and to launch new ideas quickly, while maintaining a reliable customer-centric shopping experience. PCMS will be instrumental in helping us to deliver this.”

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