PCMS motors ahead with NMRO fuel accreditation for its BeanStore POS solution

Jul 25, 2017 | PCMS News

PCMS receives accreditation from the National Measurement & Regulation Office (NMRO) for its BeanStore point of sale (POS) solution.

Already the commerce engine behind many of the world’s leading retailers, including M&S, Pick ‘N’ Pay and Waitrose, the accreditation allows PCMS to extend its solutions to include petrol forecourts.

The certification from the NMRO, approves the PCMS VISION BeanStore POS solution for fuel delivery and transactions as part of its wider forecourt retail offer, guaranteeing the accurate integration between the POS system and the forecourt’s fuel dispensers.

Integrating the PCMS Vision BeanStore PoS solution with the DOMS forecourt controller means that PCMS is now able to provide a full retail solution to forecourts across Europe, compatible with any fuel dispenser with an EU type examination certificate.

Convenience and food service retailing is now common place at petrol stations and it is more important than ever to join up seamlessly with all aspects of a multi-site forecourt operation. The Vision BeanStore solution, with its long pedigree in retail and hospitality, now has the ability to also manage petrol forecourts, bringing the best of breed PoS to these, highly sophisticated businesses.

John Lewis, Fuel and Convenience Manager at PCMS, commented: “With the rise of convenience shopping and consumers increasingly turning to ‘top-up’ shops during the week, it is unsurprising that we’ve seen supermarket brands making a play for the forecourt space – whether it’s through concessions or owned spaces.  Consumers coming into forecourt retail outlets expect the same seamless, quick and convenient transaction processes they are accustomed to receiving on the High Street.”

“Historically forecourt retailers have had to use disparate fuel systems to manage both their fuel and retail offers, however often these solutions haven’t been able to effectively deal with the complex number of retail SKUs and pricing updates, or have been unable to seamlessly integrate the back-end systems to operate efficiently and provide the business with the data it needs,” he added.

“With 35 years of experience delivering respected omnichannel solutions in the retail space, PCMS can now offer its award-winning retail expertise and software systems as a robust and reliable solution to forecourt traders, who are looking to future proof their businesses and keep up with omnichannel customers’ needs,” he concluded.

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