Full flight: are you running with consumers, or letting them race away?

Aug 17, 2017 | PCMS News

In our Embrace the Pace report, we looked at where retail is heading in the next five years, and how retailers will need to develop their strategy in order to meet future customer expectations.

Now, in our second report we analyze some of the key challenges retailers face in meeting current consumer behaviour and expectations – which may stop them achieving their 5-year agile retail plan.

Keeping pace with the consumer means building a successful long-term unified commerce strategy on firm foundations. To help retailers achieve this, PCMS has conducted a survey of 1,000 UK adults to assess their retail expectations. Armed with these insights, we have identified the customer experience weaknesses that could impact their agile retail plans, and provided strategic guidance to help retailers confidently continue.

Our survey identified three key areas of improvement within physical retail:

  1. Three in four (76%) shoppers feel stores could do better at delivering recommendations based on previous purchases
  1. 55% find it hard to locate product information
  1. Two thirds (67%) of shoppers believe there is no difference in how they are treated in-store, whether they are a first-time customer or a regular visitor

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