Personalisation is key to customer loyalty – special report

Apr 12, 2018 | PCMS News

31% of customers indicate they would actually like their shopping experience to be more personalised than it actually is.

Today’s consumers connect with brands across multiple channels, which complicates the process of recognising, servicing, and rewarding loyal customers. However, customers don’t have the patience for complicated processes, they expect engaging and relevant interactions and conversations across any and all channels. When approached correctly and done for the right reasons, customers want and expect personalisation and are even willing to spend more than they initially planned for that experience.

BRP’s “Personalisation is Key to Customer Loyalty” report offers retailers an informed view on how to enhance shopping experiences.

The key findings on how to retain a loyal customer base are:



As consumers become more technologically savvy and have access to better information, there is a widening gap as retailers struggle to meet consumers’ escalating expectations. Personalisation fills that gap!

Customer Identification and Incentives

Offering Incentives – which is almost mandatory in today’s environment – is a smart way to encourage customers to provide retailers their personal information for customer identification

Loyal Customers

With 80% of a retailer’s business typically coming from 20% of its customers, identifying your most valuable customers and understanding their shopping habits is critical to cultivating loyal, brand enthusiasts.

Customer Engagement

47% of retailers do not currently have any process in place to communicate the most valuable customer status to their associates before the point of checkout.

Personalising the Experience

93% of consumers indicated they would provide retailers with detailed information if they received meaningful and customised offers in return.


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