Don’t let end-of-life POS prove fatal to your retail business

The death of traditional retail has been widely overstated during this era of digital transformation but that does not lend retailers a suitable excuse to carry on using end-of-life in-store technology. By not updating unsupported systems and simply making do with...

Unified Commerce: A Future Worth Moving Towards

While businesses know that they need to invest in unified commerce strategies, many retailers don’t move forward or move forward slowly because of cost. With ever smaller margins, the move towards eCommerce, and so many retailers struggling to keep doors open, today’s...

A peek behind the scenes of the PCMS Service Desk

In order to understand just what it is that makes the PCMS Service Desk a cut above the rest, we thought we’d find out more about the people, processes and technology behind it. And who better to ask than Jo Thompson, Head of Support? Jo was a finalist for the...

Should you take a leap of faith and outsource your Service Desk?

Outsourcing can be a daunting subject to think about let alone actually commit to, but it is not as scary as you initially imagine. You might fear the expense, the chance of a data breach, the loss of your job or even fear choosing the right partner. So why should you...

Why retailers shouldn’t use a help desk

Despite both being key departments in a business, help desks are commonly mistaken with service desks, but each has different benefits to a retailer and its consumers. Both have a similar objective of solving technical issues, but despite this mutual aim, there are a...

Driving customer loyalty through innovative payment

The way consumers pay for their goods has evolved significantly over the past 12 months alone and this trend is set to continue in 2016. Apple Pay only hit the UK nine months ago, but consumers can now pay for goods via their smartphone or smartwatch using the...

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