Should you take a leap of faith and outsource your Service Desk?

Outsourcing can be a daunting subject to think about let alone actually commit to, but it is not as scary as you initially imagine. You might fear the expense, the chance of a data breach, the loss of your job or even fear choosing the right partner. So why should you...

Why retailers shouldn’t use a help desk

Despite both being key departments in a business, help desks are commonly mistaken with service desks, but each has different benefits to a retailer and its consumers. Both have a similar objective of solving technical issues, but despite this mutual aim, there are a...

Driving customer loyalty through innovative payment

The way consumers pay for their goods has evolved significantly over the past 12 months alone and this trend is set to continue in 2016. Apple Pay only hit the UK nine months ago, but consumers can now pay for goods via their smartphone or smartwatch using the...

Making technology relevant at NRF 2016

Senior executives from technology firms and the world’s leading retailers descended on New York for the annual Retail’s Big Show (organised by the National Retail Federation) to either showcase their latest wares or to investigate the latest technology...

Add value and stand out from the mobile couponing crowd

Mobile couponing is becoming increasingly popular among consumers, but what can retailers do in order to make the most of it? Recent research conducted by Honeywell has shown that mobile coupon use is on the rise. With the ever-increasing use of mobile phones for all...

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