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PCMS welcomes new graduate management trainee Mike Jones
October 9, 2012

The graduate scheme is slightly different from most that I came across as it allows me to move across different departments and really learn how the entire business works. I am still not entirely sure what I want to do; hopefully the program will help me understand my strengths, areas for improvement and what I am really passionate about in business.

PCMS is also growing very fast, and I hope that I could grow with the company. I have also worked in retail and helped deliver a computer system very similar to BeanStore into a small optician’s chain. This has really helped me understand how important certain things are to different customers and I am hoping that I can utilise these skills to increase the service level at PCMS. As a privately owned family business, PCMS is in a very solid position.

The graduate assessment centre is slightly different from others that I attended. The team that I met were very friendly; and made everyone feel welcome. The day was very intense but enjoyable at the same time. It tested all the core competences that are needed for a variety of different roles at PCMS. A range of different tasks were used across the day including a group exercise, a presentation based on data analysis, a prioritising task, a role play situation and a variety of different written tasks. After the tasks were completed some candidates were invited for an interview with the members of the HR team.

My advice if you are attending the assessment day is to be yourself. It will come across over the day if you are trying to hide something! Good luck to everyone who applies, and hopefully we will see you here very soon!

The second interview consisted of four to five competency based interviews. Each interview was conducted by a different member of the management team from a variety of different departments across PCMS. As well as competency based questions, the interviewers also try to get to know you on a personal level, leading to a more relaxed atmosphere. I was based in the same room and the interviewers came to me.

My advice to any candidates reaching second interview stage is to really try and link your experiences and all the skills that you have picked up, whether from the work place or a different environment, as these will help you answer any of the questions they may ask. Be yourself and try to relax and enjoy it!

Mike Jones
Graduate Management Trainee

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