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Contact Centre: Call Quality Monitoring Tips
February 4, 2013

Call quality monitoring (CQM’s) isn’t about trying to catch anyone out. It helps identify training needs and process problems and is integral to ensuring clients receive the highest level of customer service possible. This also helps agents continually improve which is one of PCMS’s core values.

Below are some tips from PCMS that can help improve CQM’s in your contact centre.

1. Agree all Call Quality measures with the clients
PCMS agrees all CQM measures with the clients prior to go live. This give you clear indication of how quality is measured within your contact centre and how the agents will go the extra mile for your customers.

2. Ascertain a skills manager
PCMS has a dedicated skills manager; they continually monitor individual and teams quality performance. This results in client focused individual coaching leading to outstanding results. All agents go through a rigorous training program before being exposed to a customer. This implementation gives the agents in depth product knowledge, which enables them to hit our stringent CQM targets. This ultimately leads to a high level of customer satisfaction and sets a good foundation for building long term relationships with our clients.

3. Produce a secure database of calls
Calls should be stored on a secure server or intranet. Access is only granted to team leaders and the skills manager. These calls are then assessed by the team leaders and or the skills manager. The captured information gives effective and concise information about individual and team performance.

4. Track individual and team performance
Tracking agent’s progress analytically can be used to assess individual performance and to identify and reward consistent performers. This can also be used to see if training has had a positive effect. Tracking performance is imperative to continuously develop agent’s skills. These continuous improvements lead to greater consistency, which in turns leads to greater customer and client satisfaction.

5. Agent development plans
An open and well established structure can lead to CQM’s been seen as a positive by your agents. CQM’s should be used as a development reinforcing tool. Historical CQM’s can be used in regular 121’s to show continual improvement within a contact centre. Side by side listening is a very powerful tool to help agents develop at a fast pace. It is particularly effective at the start of a new campaign or if an agent is struggling, as instant feedback is available. We have seen this transform struggling agents into some of our top performers.

6. CQM scoring
It’s important that this is a very open process to allow agents to learn from mistakes. PCMS sets a benchmark of 80% which all agents must achieve. There are also certain critical criteria the agents must meet or they fail the call overall. Any agents that fall below our benchmark will have immediate feedback from their team leaders and may enter into a training session on that particular subject. All information is feed back to our client managers and is used to deliver feedback.

All of our customers are marked with a pass or fail criteria on the following key areas:-

• Greeting
• Security
• Soft skills
• Promotions/ value add
• Resolution
• Closing

Mike Jones
Graduate Management Trainee

Giving back to the local community with Coventry Open Christmas
December 13, 2011

Staff at PCMS Group are giving back to the local community this Christmas by assisting with the Coventry Open Christmas appeal run by charity Grab and Go.  PCMS staff have volunteered to spend  Christmas Eve and Christmas Day handing out boxed parcels of food, bedding and clothes, with a team from our Coventry based call centre at the heart of it.

PCMS  call centre telesales agent Carly Smith comments:  ‘I am involved with a number of charities outside of work.  When I saw Grab and Go needed volunteers I was keen to help out.  I mentioned it to some of the other agents and was delighted at how many came forward offering their support.  At such a busy time of year I am touched at how many people have given up their free time to support Grab and Go.’

The PCMS call centre has also begun to sell raffle tickets  to raise funds for this deserving cause with a number of great prizes on offer for those that buy tickets.   The call centre has also become a hub for the collection of donations of clothing, bedding, toiletries and food for those in need or without homes over the coming festive period.

Heather Ramon, customer call centre operations manager comments ‘I wanted to help out but prior commitments mean I am struggling for time, I am pleased with the list of key items which have been displayed around the building, I hadn’t realised the charity would need packs of new underwear but it makes sense this would be a key need.  By having the list I can donate some much needed items and know they will go to good use over Christmas.  I am incredibly proud of the efforts of everyone at PCMS and in the call centre, it reflects what a massive team spirit we have.’

PCMS would like to thank our staff for giving up their time to help such a deserving cause. For more information on the Coventry Open Christmas Appeal – or if you would like to help or donate, visit

Heidi Coles

Business Development Executive

Are you prepared for the busy festive period?
October 6, 2011

Christmas demands on retailers have a massive impact on call volumes and sales.  PCMS offers specialist services supporting outbound and inbound calls over the Christmas period.  All agents are trained in customer services and increasing consumer basket size - contact us today for more details.

The busy festive period is the most profitable time of year for retail, but can place significant strain on supply infrastructures regardless of estate size.  As the UK’s leading independent supplier of software and services to the retail industry, having worked with some of the best loved brands in the world, our experience within the retail industry has helped us to create a portfolio of services designed to assist retailers during this busy, but profitable, time of year.

Many retailers find that they receive much higher levels of calls during the festive period, leading to call wait times becoming hard to control and ultimately, frustrated customers who may go elsewhere.  Many retailers often find they could benefit from extra resources on a temporary basis to manage this seasonal peak of inbound calls, as well as engaging in an outbound campaign to boost sales even further.

Our Coventry based call centre is here to help retailers, in alignment with our unique position as an expert in the retail industry we can provide a range of services that help ease the pressure.

The PCMS call centre offers a range of inbound and outbound services to assist retailers.  Our inbound team can offer a range of services to suit your specific needs, from handling overflow calls during busy periods, additional lines or hours of service, a fully managed sales order line or a customer service helpline. PCMS outbound services could help you gain a Christmas sales boost with a telemarketing or telesales campaign.

All our agents are trained to achieve excellence in the provision of customer service; the PCMS call centre achieves consistently high customer satisfaction scores and you can have confidence in our team representing your brand.  Our agents are trained to listen carefully and make relevant suggestions to increase basket size, without using pushy sales techniques that may turn off your customers.

The PCMS call centre offers tailor-made and fully scalable packages to suit your business needs, contact us today for more information on our festive support services.

Melinda Richardson

Marketing Assistant