Omni-channel integration

VISION Channel Manager empowers your consumer commerce journeys and applications into one simplified, dependable central source of truth that keeps your business ahead of the competition.

Keeping up with today’s consumer shopping journeys is complex and the IT retail landscape continually faces significant challenges to adapt. For many retailers there is an ever evolving landscape of diverse IT systems and applications that require integration to try and cope with customers’ demands. To solve this issue, PCMS has created VISION Channel Manager – a comprehensive multi-channel orchestration hub that simplifies the integration process and orchestrates complex data routing and gateways with ease. With the streamlined IT administration and integration that VISION Channel Manager naturally provides, you will be able to react quickly to market changes whilst maintaining a lower cost of ownership.

Key solution features:

  • Eliminates point-to-point standalone integrations
  • Provides a central orchestration hub
  • Provides gateways to external third party systems
  • Enables data synchronisation between independent services
  • Connects differential data sources
  • Dashboard monitoring and alerting of channel data

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