Don’t let end-of-life POS prove fatal to your retail business

Sep 20, 2017 | Blog

The death of traditional retail has been widely overstated during this era of digital transformation but that does not lend retailers a suitable excuse to carry on using end-of-life in-store technology.

By not updating unsupported systems and simply making do with what they have, retailers are on a fast-track route to losing their way and, crucially, their customers – particularly as consumers are demanding much more sophisticated interactions with their favourite shops.

Quick and easy options are available for retailers to move away from their outdated technology and on to platforms that enable them to offer new customer services which limit the chances of letting down consumers whether they shop online or in-store.

Switch and fix retail POS for a better future

It is not as difficult as retailers think to switch to a new point of sale (POS) that supports modern unified commerce requirements. The right solution will offer an agnostic technology approach, enable key single views including basket, stock, customer and product, and include many other elements that can bring flexibility to their operations.

For a successful retailing experience today, core in-store technology needs to integrate with an array of services and solutions such as eReceipts, ERP, CRM systems, loyalty programmes and ecommerce systems, to offer exceptional seamless service for the shopper.

Integration between ecommerce and in-store data is especially vital. Recent research of ours indicating nearly half of customers crave omnichannel consistency across their purchasing journeys, while 47% say their current shopping experiences vary across a retailer’s channels.

The mandate from customers has been given – it’s now up to retailers to invest and position their organisations accordingly if they want to grow and thrive in the new world.

Follow the leader

A switching precedent has already been set, with Lakeland recently completing a switch to PCMS’s VISION Commerce Suite from Oracle’s Retail-J POS – a move that has been well-received by staff across the business.

The kitchenware retailer has grand plans to enhance its loyalty scheme to better reward its regular customers, and has now put in place a platform for future innovation across its entire store state – moving closer to the Holy Grail of intrinsically linking online and offline sales.

It can only be a matter of time before others follow suit – especially as the process is not as difficult as many retailers probably imagine. When the vulnerabilities and uncertainties of operating a store estate with unsupported core technology become apparent, it will trigger the switching process at retailers up and down the country.

To be fair, many retailers are investing in their central systems to provide a launch-pad for enhancing customers’ journeys wherever and whenever they want to shop – it’s been the talk of the industry over the last few years as businesses look to breathe life into their stores.

But those leaving it too late to make a change, and companies with aging POS tech that cannot support modern and future retailing requirements, are putting themselves at a serious risk of losing competitive edge, or even having the life taken out of them.

Download our digital guide to switching in-store technology to find out how easy it is to replace end-of-life POS with PCMS.

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