Enterprise Monitoring & Automation

As systems converge and data becomes increasingly critical to business operations, stability and availability of systems is a prime concern.

Timely completion of background tasks such as financial reporting or stock replenishment is becoming more critical than ever.¬†Our enterprise monitoring and task management services help to manage risk and ensure stability. They are designed to deliver a ‘sleep at night’ service into your enterprise. We use best in breed monitoring tools which are linked to an aggregator, which provides a single view of your system to our UK based 24 X 7 Technical Operations Team. This ensures that issues are detected early and resolved before they negatively impact your business.

Enterprise Monitoring

Whilst a lot of monitoring and task management is now automated not all elements can be, as such we recognise the need to have technical staff available 24 X 7. Our dedicated team monitors 80,000 system elements and 100,000+ executed tasks each month. They are able to manage exceptions as and when they occur and add a human element to the decision making process where necessary.


Using our enterprise standard tools we are able to take Automation to the next level. No longer dependent upon Windows Scheduler or Cron jobs, we can automate end-to-end business processes. Thus ensuring that dependencies and constraints are recognised and logical decisions can be made by the system, meaning only those tasks that need critical human intervention are escalated.

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