Do you just firefight day-to-day support issues with no time to make service improvements?

How do you constantly improve on the service you deliver when your resources are tied up in the management of day-to-day ‘business as usual’ support activities?

As retail evolves, there needs to be a continual drive for improved business processes and customer service. Most companies find it difficult to focus efforts on the wider strategy as they are busy firefighting the everyday issues with no time left to look to the future. PCMS can help you drive these improvements through day-to-day service delivery and evolve processes to improve the experience you deliver to customers. We ensure the methodology forms part of our normal practice and is not an afterthought so you can see real results. Continuous service improvement and problem management spans a broad range of initiatives, all designed to improve the omni-channel consumer journey and ensure solutions remain in-line with evolving needs of your business. Problem management can include: reduction of repeat calls through route cause and trend analysis; improvements on the service management processes; or knowledge transfer and co-operation with the customer and third party resolver groups.

By working in partnership with PCMS you can:


  • Increase the number of calls fixed at the first point of contact
  • Proactively reduce monthly call volumes through continuous improvement and problem management initiatives
  • Increase user productivity and satisfaction levels

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