PoS Self-Checkout

VISION BeanStore for self-checkout allows retailers to install a self-checkout PoS without modifying the existing software solution, let alone move to an entirely new system.

Ensure store-wide consistency

Simple integration with existing applications means that it is easy to make established PoS functionality and payment available to self-service terminals. VISION BeanStore facilitates the exchange of data between the self-checkout application controlling the specific processes and BeanStore. This means that the item and price file are the same – so there are no data integrity issues. Discounts, promotions and loyalty reward schemes are also the same on all PoS terminals, regardless of whether the devices are manned by sales operators or are self-service checkouts.

No issue over card payment and security

In light of tighter security requirements around payment applications in-store, VISION BeanStore uses a separate secure payment module to handle all card transactions and the links to acquirers and banks. Card security is not a concern with PoS self-checkout solutions either, because BeanStore uses the same application for regular tills and self-checkout devices. The same secure card payment module is also used.

Implement self-checkout without any hassle

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