Profit protection

Giving omni-channel retailers vital information to help decrease loss.

Look after the bottom line

VISION Loss Prevention addresses the challenges of the evolving retail industry. Data is provided in real-time to enable informed decision making and help identify lost revenues and return those profits to your bottom line. The effective utilisation of a retail loss prevention solution in your business will dramatically reduce your losses at point of sale due to fraud, non-compliance, poor practice and theft. The feature rich and easy to use functionality help retailers to analyse key statistics and drill down into the data. Our experts can work closely with you and provide extensive consulting; sharing industry best practices to ensure you continue to achieve the best possible returns each year.

A true end-to-end loss prevention solution

PCMS can support your profit protection agenda by providing:

• Extensive experience in identifying cases for investigation
• Knowledge and application of advanced forensic analytical techniques
• Reduced internal training costs for your loss prevention department
• Knowledge of relevant HR and data protection laws helping you to manage investigations

PCMS can help protect your profits

We can host and manage your data, provide training and support, as well as highlight actual cases for investigation. PCMS is a leading provider of business critical hosting and managed IT services. Using this unparalleled experience backed by state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, the Managed Services team can deliver VISION Loss Prevention as an externally administered service, offering a true end-to-end solution.

Reduce your losses at the point of sale

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